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CultiVision is dedicated to solving water and environmental challenges through cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and advanced tools.

We offer tailored, data-driven recommendations to empower our clients to optimize operations and achieve their goals.

Our solutions are designed to maximize impact while minimizing environmental footprint

Our Story

CultiVision Research and Development was established in 2022 when a group of like-minded scientists and researchers united with a shared vision to make a tangible difference in the world.

Fueled by a passion for sustainability and a profound concern for the environment, they embarked on a journey to find innovative solutions to global water and environmental challenges. The name “CultiVision” symbolizes their core values, with “Culti” representing their dedication to cultivating growth and prosperity, and “Vision” signifying their use of cutting-edge remote sensing technology to gain unique insights into the complexities of the natural world.

Our Mission

At CultiVision, our mission is to build competence and foster development in critical areas of land, water, and the environment. We are committed to offering integrated solutions that are not only economically viable but also environmentally and socially sustainable. By harnessing the power of science and technology, we strive to leave a positive impact on the planet, working towards a future where water is abundant, communities are resilient, and ecosystems thrive.


At CultiVision, our work is characterized by innovation and excellence. We leverage state-of-the-art remote sensing technology to gain a comprehensive understanding of natural systems from a distance, allowing us to devise targeted solutions. Our diverse range of services, including hydrology, hydraulic engineering, coastal development, flood risk management, hydro-informatics, and irrigation engineering, demonstrates our commitment to finding holistic approaches to complex problems. Through continuous research and development, we craft new technologies and methodologies, enabling us to purify contaminated water, protect cities from floods, and revolutionize irrigation methods for enhanced food security. By integrating science, engineering, and sustainability, our techniques aim to create a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities we serve.

Our Vision

CultiVision envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with nature, where water resources are responsibly managed, and the environment is protected for future generations. We aspire to be at the forefront of environmental innovation, pushing the boundaries of possibility to address the pressing challenges our planet faces. Our vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, as we collaborate with communities, governments, and organizations globally to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

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Our Team

Our team embodies a pioneering approach, fueled by the collective expertise of professionals hailing from diverse corners of the globe. With members from various countries, our team brings a rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences, converging to create a dynamic force in fields such as land and water management, remote sensing analysis, and data science. This global perspective enriches our innovative efforts, allowing us to blend insights from different cultures and backgrounds into a unified vision of sustainable progress. Through this diversity, we pave the way for transformative solutions that transcend borders and make a positive impact on a global scale.

Kawa Hakzi

Founder and Managing Director

As our Founder and Managing Director, Kawa embodies expertise in land and water management, remote sensing analysis, and data science, with a master's from IHE-Delft, The Netherlands. With an innovative mindset and six years of experience, Kawa drives our approach, pushing boundaries to create transformative, sustainable solutions.

Ibrahim Safin Abdulkhaleq


Ibrahim is the owner and financial backbone of CultiVision. His commitment to sustainability and passion for positive change guide our journey to a greener future. An adventurer at heart, Ibrahim seeks inspiration from nature and supports community causes.

Dr.Heman Gaznayee

Partnerships Manager

Our Partnerships Manager, Dr. Gaznayee, leverages over two decades of expertise in remote sensing and GIS, particularly in drought management. His leadership drives our pioneering efforts, guiding the team towards innovative, sustainable solutions in our field. With an extensive track record in the field, Dr. Gaznayee's insights resonate as a guiding force, empowering our team to lead the way in sustainable

Dr. Hawar Razvanchy

Product Manager

Dr. Razvanchy, our dedicated Product Manager, brings a wealth of expertise as an agronomist specializing in soil and water science. With over 10 years of practical knowledge, his mastery encompasses soil survey, classification, GIS, spatial analysis, and more. Dr. Razvanchy's pivotal role in our team significantly influences our product innovation and advancement in these intricate domains.

Dr. Sajid Pareeth

Senior Consultant

Dr. Sajid is our consultant and Senior researcher at IHE-Delft. With +15 year experience his main focus on uptaking operational use of Earth Observation data in agriculture & water from field to larger scales with international partners and stakeholders in the Global south. He contribute to developing capacity development activities on related technologies onsite and through tailor made trainings to multiple stakeholders.

Dr. Karrar Mahdi

Agricultural Advisor

Dr. Karrar is our consultant he is also Teacher and researcher at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His research areas and teaching are focused on mainly soil and water management (control erosion), control salinity, rainwater harvesting, and pollution. Besides, He also managed/worked on many projects in the MENA region, especially Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt.

Mohamed Baomar

Agricultural Advisor

Baomar is our Oman office based advisor he hold MSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida, USA.  Baomer bring more than 16 years of experience in Irrigation engineering and Remote Sensing working in governmental sector at the Sultanate of Oman.

Fuad Alqrinawi

Jr. hydrologist

Fuad is from Jordan and hold MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources from IHE Delft, Netherlands. Passionate about hydrological modeling, groundwater modeling, and Python programming. He is seeking to make a positive impact on our environment through knowledge and innovation.

Tien Dung Nghiem

Full stack developer

Dung is from Vietnam and hold MSc in Flood risk managements Resources from TU Dresden (Germany), IHE Delft (Netherlands), Technical University of Catalonia (Spain) and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Osama Hassan

Hydroinformatics specialist

Osama is from Sudan and hold MSc in Hydroinformatics from IHE Delft, Netherlands.  Osama has valuable professional and research experience in catchment modelling, coupled MIKE 11–MIKE SHE hydrological modeling, and surface water–groundwater interactions.

Godwin Agbotse

Irrigation, Dam and Pond Designer

Godwin is from Ghana and hold MSc in Irrigation Engineering from IHE Delft, Netherlands.  With 10+ years of experience in executing both public and private infrastructure projects and expertise in civil engineering and irrigation projects, including designing, planning, contract management, costing & budgeting, construction supervision, and quality control.

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